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All videos are on on the Leisure World Historical Society channel . The videos are listed by the recording date. This list will be updated as new videos are added to the LWHS channel. If you see errors in the video information please contact us using the contact form on this LWHS web site. Thank you.

1963 Leisure World Sales Film

This film shows clips of groundbreaking and the building of the first mutual of the Leisure World Seal Beach complex. This was the first Leisure World built. The other LW's came later.

1965 Leisure World Seal Beach, Laguna Woods, and Walnut Creek

This sales film shows multiple retirement complexes being built by the Leisure World developer. The host is Harry Babbitt.

1983 Golden Age Foundation Introduction to programs and services

Golden Age VP Tom Barratt and Publicity Manager Jeannie Brueggeman talk about the programs Golden Age hosts in the Leisure World Seal Beach community. Then the film tours a few of these programs. The Life Line office is visited and then the film crew visits Hospitality in Club House 6 and talks to residents socializing there.

1984 V.P. George H.W. Bush visits Leisure World

Vice President (and later President) of the United States, George H. W. Bush, visited Leisure World while campaigning for the 1984 presidential election. Several speakers proceed him. At the end of his speech the vice president answers questions from the audience.

1988 Leisure World Seal Beach sales video

As the Seal Beach, CA, Leisure World was expanded the sales videos were updated to reflect the current community

1988 Fred Cooper Interviews Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess

1990 Leisure World Seal Beach sales video

Very similar to the 1988 sales video.

1995 Flood Footage from the Amphitheater

In 1995 Seal Beach, California, Leisure World was flooded when the channels could not drain properly. The Amphitheater has a stage one floor below street level. It was flooded and became a pond that had to be drained. The film footage is bad but there are a few ducks swimming in the new 'pond'. If you want to go straight to the flood the footage starts at 1:40 .

1995 Around the Amphitheater Square Dancing on the new stage

Many clubs use the Amphitheater stage as a meeting place because of it's large space for dancing. The Square Dancing club had to stop their meetings when the Amphitheater was flooded in 1995. This film shows clips of the flood and then shows the Square Dance club holding their first meeting in the Amphitheater after it is restored.

1996-10-08 Senator Barbara Boxer at Leisure World

Senator Boxer is brought to Leisure World by the LW Democratic Club. She speaks and then takes questions submitted to the Club ahead of time.

1998 SBPD Sgt Don Dye accused of theft

A Leisure World resident contacts the Seal Beach Police Department when an officer comes to her house on a false premise and takes drugs out of her medicine cabinet. The Seal Beach Police Department conducted an internal investigation.

1998-04-28 Flood of 1995 Redux at Historic Society Meeting

At this Historical Society meeting different leaders in the community review the Seal Beach, CA, flood of 1995 and how plans have been made to avoid the problems that resulted from the flood. Many of the Mutuals south of the channel that runs through Leisure World had to be evacuated. Residents with small boats in the RV lot used their boats to retrieve stranded shareholders and bring them to a temporary shelter set up in Clubhouse 4.

1998-04-29 GRF Presidents interviews: M Tuttle and H McCurdy

The Leisure World Historic Society interviews two past presidents of the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF), Mildred Tuttle and Howard McCurdy.

1998-08-11 Hanging obects in LW

A video collage of hanging flowers, wind chimes, and bird feeders.

1998-10-10 Golden Age Fdn 25th awards banquet with Harpist

The film covers the 25th Golden Age Foundation awards dinner and show. The speaker, LW Administrator Bill N., talks a little about the history of the foundation. Awards are given. At 32 min Harpist Paul ? gives a 45 minute performance on the harp playing a mix of Broadway tunes and classical music. At 1:18 the performance ends the dinner closes with door prizes.

1998-11-16 LW Medical Center Opening Day with Tour

The opening ceremony and a tour of the medical center offices and staff.

1999 Leisure World Seal Beach Sales Video

A tour of the community and views of event centers in the surrounding area such as Disneyland.

2000-02-05 Chinese Friendship Club, Inside Leisure World #44

Host Betty Martin talks to guest Matilda Tsao, the Chinese Friendship Club President, about the club and its history. Clips are shown from the dinner dance the club held in 2000 to celebrate the Chinese new year. Then the host visits a club meeting and interviews members. The host also visits artists in the club who are painting in traditional water color and writing calligraphy.

2000-04-28 first Golden Rain Tree labeling ceremony on Arbor Day 2000.

GRF President Mildred R. Tuttle and plant expert Helen Gutkin stand by as Richard DeSchwander hammers the plaque into the tree. The Historical Society and the Garden Club of Leisure World place a label on the first Golden Rain Tree that was planted in Leisure World. This event kicks off a tree labeling project by the two groups. The tree is at 1841 St. John Road 39-A. Pictures of the event ran in the Golden Rain News, May 4, 2000.

2000-05-11 (Web) Surfing Seniors at Leisure World

This short news clip talks about seniors learning to use the Internet (web surfing) and where classes are available. Part of the clip visits the Internet class at Leisure World Seal Beach. Shareholders talk about what they use the Internet for.

2001-11-28 Tom Barratt interview as GRF President

2002-06-22 40th Anniversary Celebration of LWSB

2002-09-01 LW Historic Society Museum Tour by Tom Barratt

Leisure World Historical Society president Tom Barratt talks about some of the items in the LWHS museum.

2003 Inside Leisure World #69, Tom Barratt GRF President

Host Bob Slater interviews 2003 GRF President Tom Barratt about Leisure Worlds management, the differences between mutuals, how the Golden Rain Board works, how the mutual boards work, and the process of buying a home in Leisure World.

2003-07-21 Clubhouse Six Tour and opening ceremony

2004-03-01 Leisure World Seal Beach sales video

This video includes the 1999 Sales Video and adds footage showing interviews with shareholders. The shareholders are shown throughout LW as they use the amenities and discuss why they like living here.

2004-11-11 Veterans Memorial Dedication Ceremony in Leisure World Seal Beach

In 2004 the Veterans Memorial inside Leisure World Seal Beach was completed. The memorial is a large circle of flags representing all the Services. The dedication ceremony was on Veteran's Day 2004. During the ceremony the flag for each service was raised and the names of local veterans lost in that service were read. At the end of the ceremony the deed to the memorial is transferred from the Leisure World Veterans outpost to the Golden Rain Foundation.

2004 Ann Schulze Health Care Center Administrator

Administrator of the Health Care Center, Ann Schulze, talks about the history and function of the Health Care Center at a meeting of the Leisure World Historical Society.

2008-01-09 North Gate Opening Ceremony

The North Gate was built to create additional access to residents of Leisure World Seal Beach at the north end of the complex. This gate cannot be used by visitors, it is only for residents.

2009-05-27 Radio Club History presented at Historic Society Meeting

Guest speaker Roberta Raymond talks about the history of the Ham Radio club in Leisure World Seal Beach.

2010-06-02 Photographic Arts Club History present at Historical Society

The Photographic Arts Club talks about their club's history. Several members speak at the meeting.